Website Design

As a freelance musician, I understand the importance of having a website in today’s digital world… It’s becoming hard for people to trust anything that doesn’t have a website and/or hundreds of 5 star reviews! Having my website online has helped me get some fantastic performance opportunities, find new students, sell some CDs, and so much more.

Why should I have you create my site?

I find myself in a unique position walking the line between the music industry and the technology world… I am a full-time, professional musician and, as such, understand the very specific needs of musicians everywhere. On the other hand, I have the experience and knowledge required to not just put text and pictures on the internet, but create a professional, content-rich site that can be found by your prospective visitors and keep them coming back.

How it began:

When I began studying music in college, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who had it all going for them and was getting called for gigs left and right – I had to get a job on the side to make ends meet and, as a long-time mac fanatic and technology lover, I found myself working for Apple. I began to train people from all walks of life on everything from operating systems to video production, but took a special interest in website design. I began to read books, take courses, and work with some great designers before I began to build many websites and discovered my preferred platform, WordPress.

What is WordPress?

To put it simply, WordPress is one of the most flexible open-source website platforms available today. It’s simple enough for the most basic of users to update their content, while still being fully customizable for the more advanced, code-savvy users out there. Personally, I prefer to use WordPress because it strikes the perfect balance between easy content management and powerful themes, widgets, and plugins to achieve whatever look you’re going for.

I’ll begin creating your website by discussing your general vision for the site, deciding on an overall look, and doing all the leg work and coding to get your content online as soon as possible.  After we have a quality, working website up and running, we’ll work one-on-one in a training session to teach you the fundamentals of WordPress so that you are able to maintain the website on your own.


My basic website package ($500) includes the following:

  • Brainstorming session over the phone or in person (in Philadelphia) to discuss your needs. Need to have an up-to-date list of upcoming shows? Maintain a blog? This is where we talk over the specifics of what you want on your website and I’ll offer some suggestions about how we can efficiently put this information into action.
  • Setup site pages as discussed, create menus, link social networks, add widgets (newsletter subscriptions, tour dates, and SO much more), upload any media, and everything else needed to get your site in working order.
  • Ensure that your site can back up properly, gets submitted to search engines, and is optimized for performance.
  • Meet for a one hour training session (screen sharing available for clients outside of Philadelphia) to show you everything you need to further customize your website and maintain it.

À la carte:

  • Additional 30 minute training session – $40
  • Set upMailChimp mailing list – $100
    • Includes account setup, creation of 2 templates following your brand, and a 30 minute training session.
  • InstallWooCommerce on your site to sell digital and physical goods – $100+
    • Exact fee depends on current setup of site and number of products to be sold.
    • Includes a 30 minute training session to teach you how to add products, promote specific items, track orders, and more.
  • Implement Gigpress or other performance listing plugin – $100+
    • Exact fee depends on current setup of site and number of performances to be added.
    • Includes a 30 minute training session to teach you how to efficiently keep up with future performances

To start investing in your music by creating or improving your website, all you need to do is fill out the contact form below.