Trombone Lessons

Private Teaching

In addition to the teaching I do at local universities, I also teach students of all ages and abilities as part of my private music studio. My teaching involves a strong focus on the fundamentals required to develop as both a trombonist and musician – students will develop excellent technical control of their instrument and improve overall musicianship so they can excel in any field of music that they choose to pursue. Every lesson is customized to match the student’s current ability and goals. Some of my current and past students have successfully auditioned for many notable and local college music programs (Juilliard, Berklee, Temple, Rutgers, Delaware – just to name a few), regional honor groups, summer music festivals, and more.

While I prefer to see students on a weekly basis, I’m also available for one-time sessions (e.g., audition preparation) when my schedule allows it.  If you are at all hesitant about whether private trombone lessons are right for you or your child, feel free to contact me at any time!

If you’re ready to get started, fill out my short intake form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Online Trombone Lessons

I also teach lessons remotely from my home studio using Zoom. Many students are hesitant to try online lessons for the first time, but I have the equipment and technical knowledge to make it a valuable experience. These lessons are not like a FaceTime/Skype call – I have high-quality microphones, multiple camera angles, on-screen resources, etc.

You can read about some of the logistics in my blog post about online trombone lessons but, if you’re ready to give it a shot or have some questions, please contact me!

Other Instruments

While trombone is my preferred instrument and what I specialize in, I do also teach baritone/euphonium & tuba, and have a particular interest in helping students who may be switching to/from another brass instrument.

While I do not teach anything other than “low brass” instruments, feel free to reach out if you would like a referral for another music teacher in the area.

Current Students

Looking for materials from our lessons? Visit this page: Resources > Current Students.