The Working Musician

The career of a professional musician can be very exciting, but the path is often littered with unseen difficulties that are rarely mentioned in today’s colleges and conservatories. Many musicians slave away for hours in a practice room to perfect every note, but then struggle to find an audience for a recital, get called for gigs, or to find private students.

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by many hardworking musicians with great advice, and I want to take a moment today to share a few fantastic resources that have either helped me directly or been of great use for my colleagues and students.

The Savvy Musician

Dr. David Cutler has created the most comprehensive set of resources for the working musician that I’m aware of to this day. I was introduced to his book, The Savvy Musician, by my wife, who is also a musician and studied with him in Pittsburgh. You can find his book, read his blog, and find upcoming workshops on his website,

Musician’s Guide to Hustling

Fellow Philadelphia-based musician, Seth Hanes, has recently started a great blog entitled The Musician’s Guide to Hustling. His tips are especially helpful for freelance musicians. Check it out at The post entitled Four Surefire Strategies for Meeting Other Freelancers is straight-forward and extremely helpful for those of you who may just be starting to look for teaching and performing opportunities.

The Bulletproof Musician

Dr. Noa Kageyama provides an amazing resource to our community by merging the worlds of psychology and music on his blog. While heading in a different direction from the two resources above, his writing can be extremely helpful while balancing a heavy load of playing, teaching, and practicing on a daily basis. Popular posts include How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?How to Make Performance Anxiety an Asset Instead of a Liability, Pre-Performance Apathy (or the Importance of Mentally Disengaging From Work and Practice)and more. Head over to


I hope these give you some food for thought. Feel free to contact me or comment below with any other resources that you feel should be included!

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